The World Series, and Fox complaints

This has been one heck of a World Series, and considering how the season ended for the Sox I’m about as happy with it as can be. (I would’ve preferred the Brewers in the NL, if only to leave Tito certain to be the only manager with 2 World Series rings in the 21st century.)

Still, Fox is not doing itself any favours by having Tim McCarver call the series. These are good games and history is being made right in front of his eyes, but McCarver is busy reminiscing about the 1960s Cardinals and the links between the 1946 World Series and both teams (which seems to be: Ted Williams played in 1946 against the Cardinals, and Ted was the first manager of the Rangers).

I love baseball history as much as anyone – heck, I contribute to both the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum – but McCarver sounds like he has been preserved in baseball amber. If you’re trying to get people excited about a product, particularly the millions of new viewers tuning into the World Series, it is really off-putting to hear an announcer essentially sound as though he’s not interested in what’s going on right now, and that everything was better back in the day.

Now, Tito as the ALCS announcer was amazing. So full of insight.

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